Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Annual Leave

I took a 4.5day AL last week. Not too bad. Went by rather fast...

Fished, Golfed, Swam, Ran, Ate, Bummed, Slept, Cooked, Played, Shopped, Surfed (internet)....

Wished i had taken more days!!

Anyways, it is Singapore's National Day today...Public Holidays. Had a relaxing day with my parents and as the filial child, i gave them a real good back rub and i did the legs and feet too. Mom was touched, dad just slept right through it.

Working tmw and there is 2 more days to my day. Gonna have dinner by the lagoon and then stroll to the jetty to watch the firework festival finale. Should be cool.

Cant wait for next week to come! I've got a uber close bud coming to town!!

Time to hit the bed....Good night everybody..

Friday, July 21, 2006

Political shifts

So this has been an interesting year for us.

Lots of FAM trips, large seminar sales, positive media exposures, awards, Presidential dinners, Royal dinners, a pervet in room 1598, a suspected suicider in 0763, a gay fella hitting on my room service pple in 1481, upcoming National Day Hoo-Haa, IMF in September PLUS Mooncake Festival Craziness, Morgan Stanley in November and the festive season which will carry us until the end of Feb 2007.

At least we have a close to 200 rooms sold out for the Standard Chartered which we are going to treat as a minor dry run to IMF & MS. I dont remember every putting in more than 6 hours of study when i was in college, but here, i am clocking almost close to 20 hrs a day if we are running about 90%. Shoot. My body can no longer remember what my bed feels like. My laptop, however, has been taking a sound beating from working overtime and bearing pummels from my fingers on the keyboards.

At least my parents are away now and it gives me abt 2 mths of peace to work into the still of the night without her calling my cell every 5 - 10 mins after 8pm...or coming into my room to check and see if i am asleep or still working on P&L budgets and proposal plans.

Political shifts also mean more watching out for your own behind and making sure that you are on friendly diplomatic terms with all. Forget to renew your peace treaty with anyone of them and you can be sure that there will be stormy waters ahead. Now, one of the main icon is leaving soon and apparently, i am the 2nd to know, besides the icon. Once he leaves, i become number 2 and the rest of them will be falling over each other to be the next 2.5. Good thing is, my place is secured...all i need is to learn and make sure that my time here is not wasted before i move on.

So anyway, did i mention that the carpet burned again for the 2nd time?? So apparently, i earned 20k for Banqueting that night, but yet what goes into F&B's ledger is only 8K...Crap. 12K gone just because they were careless and HISTORY REPEATED ITSELF!! And to think, right before the fire started, we actually told them to put out the fires before moving them to the stewarding room. it just me or is it getting colder in the room by the minute. Shoot. I hope i am not falling sick again. Fever is NOT FUN. My last fever episode apparently was an on-and-off case that lasted abt 2 weeks. I think the hottest i was is 40 degree C. Yeah, i was whinning and helpless. And my mom sat by my bed and out came a slew of naggings as she sponged me. Now, putting an ICE COLD towel on a HOT SKIN hurts. Very much so. I had tears in my eyes, but she ignored and kept going. Oh well. My temperature dropped after that. Yay.

Ok, it is time for yet another meeting....


Saturday, May 20, 2006

PST Dinner

We finally had out long awaited PST Dinner yesterday...(Friday) and i think the final bill came up to abt S$755 plus. And that was AFTER the discount. Bloody hell!!

My HR Director, EAM-Rooms & GM came along, adding to the fun & laughter.

Here's what we did:-

Dinner at Esplanade
Drinks & People watching @ DXO
More drinks @ Acid Bar
Supper / Early breakfast @ Geylang
Home @ 0445hrs

Sunday, May 14, 2006


At the end of the loooooooooooooooong PST Project... Woo hoo!!


I just came home from my 3D2N weekend trip to Sentosa Island. Actually, we planned to go to Penang or Bali but apparently all flights were either full or we couldn't get a hotel.

But i must say, this trip was good. Free & Easy and lots of good time spent together.

Sentosa has really changed a lot since i last went at 10 yrs ago. The whole place looks really artificial now. What used to be nothing but a bare stretch of sandy beach has now been transformed into a row of shops and eateries, beach volleyball courts & a basketball court. The first thing that came to my mind and head was: Crowded

Oh shoot..i miss my Japan Hour while typing this...oh well...

Anyways, moving on, there were a lot of people there and it was crowded. Was going to watch the musical fountain show but ended up missing it for 2 nights because of other distractions.

To cut the long story was a good break to my busy schedule and with the hotel occupany running at 100% this coming week, i sure needed all the rest that i got. (Although i didnt get a whole bunch...*grins*)

This trip is sure one to remember....

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Ok, so i was a little heated up when i typed whatever was in the previous post. Needed an outlet.

But yes yes, they are being concerned...i just need some time to adjust. I already hardly see them much now, let alone talk to them.


Ok, i will be more tolerant and patient.

The Fight

So my parents think that i am immature for not sharing or telling them about my day's work and they also think that i am in trouble since i have been behaving "weird" the past week.



I mean, hey, i have lived by myself for the past 6 yrs without you guys and then all of a sudden you want me to come home and like start talking? I am so not there yet.

Plus, i am always so tired when i get home. The last thing i really want to do is talk..unless you really need to talk to me, i just want to give my mouth and vocal chords a rest.

And you know what, not everybody shares whatever Tom, Dick or Harry did at their office today with their parents. How weird is that?? Parents dont really listen to crap like that.

Let me come to you when i am confortable. Why dont i talk to you? Because everytime i just want a listening ear, you guys just end up telling me how to do things, what i should do, and so on. I thought you guys wanted me to talk!? I dont want a lecture session. Geez! i got enough of that in college, thank you very much!

And so my dad thinks that if nothing is shared in the house, then why am i living there? Wow. I was so tempted to say that, fine, i would go find an apartment to live. But i sure bit my tounge hard enough to stop those words.

Treat me like an adult. Just because i dont tell you eveything that is going on in my life, doesn't mean that i am not mature, ok? And it MOST SURELY does not mean that i am in trouble.

Let me come to you. When the time is right and i have enough info and facts on my hand, i will come to you. Just let me be. You dont need to spoon-feed me. Let me stand on my own abilities. Let me know what i am capable off. Let me see what i can do by myself. Let me see if i am independent.

Just let it be. For now..