Sunday, December 25, 2005


"...Christmas comes this time each year..."

I like christmas. Especially when it is cold outside and the snow is falling. The fireplace is burning and the crackle of the logs go pop & snap.

Am having a christmas dinner tonight. My last in least for a while. No idea when i will be back again. Or if i will be due to work. Digress...I would love to get posted to The Mark or Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan. Sipping martinis 38 floors above ground, yeah, that's the way to go!

My mom sang in church for christmas and she called me before when she got up. Said her vocal chords were a little scratchy and she practiced over the phone with me. And she said:"Hey! Now that i have an audience, i can sing better!" Funny...I remembered the time when she was so excited that she learned a new song that she called me after a day of work & lectures to sing. And i put her on speakerphone and my friends heard her. She was pretty good, my mom. Though my friends thought it was hilarious that a mother would sing over the phone to her overseas offspring. *grins*

"...So this is christmas, and what have you done..."

I have done a lot of thinking and i have some goals that i want to accomplish. Keith Ferrazzi once said that among all his classmates at HBS, 70% of his classmates wrote down their goals & 100% of them accomplished it. I have always belonged to the group of 20% of the classmates who have goals but didn't write them down, AND only 50% of them attained their goals...with much difficulty.

So here is a brief outline of my goal:-
- Get my handicap!
- Make it to one of the top execs in MOGH in SG
- You know, i had them in my mind but now i am blank.....maybe i should do this on the plane...

I will miss having genuine i think i shall buy some good movies that i want. =)

Time to go handle the prawns now...*rubbing hands*


Here are some pictures from the prepping of dinner to the dinner itself....

And here's my fav dish....Drunken Prawn!!

Oooo...too much steam...lemme blow them away so you can take a better look..

The most impt ingredient in the dish..

And the final look of the table setting..minus the chicken...well,makeshift table...

An all-american favouritefor dessert...

Yeah,the cookies turned out square..cause there weretoo many cookies in the tray. But hey, tastes good too!

And that, people, was a good Christmas Meal.


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