Friday, December 30, 2005

The Granny at Chase

This morning when i went to my bank, there was an old granny ahead of me that was speaking to the teller. From the bits & pieces and the tone of their voices, it sounded like there was something wrong with the granny's account.

A teller opened up & i did my business and was directed to the customer service lady in order to have my other queries answered. That granny was still talking with her teller. Then, she turned and left and walked slowly, with a hobble in her steps towards the door. Her face looked sad and her expression made me want to walk up to her and go:" Can i give you some money?" But of course, i had none to give.

She passed by in front of me. Her head was full of white hair and her skin was wrinkled with age. Her hands quivered as she paused to search for her carkeys. I was quite shocked that she was driving at that age. Tsk,tsk...where are her kids?! (If she has any..)

My eyes were fixated on her as i saw her get into her old & long Cadilac. I felt so so so so so bad for her and wished i could help solve whatever problem that she was in. It almost made me cry and not want tp even become old and wrinkly.


If i had money to burn & power to wield, i know exactly what i would do with them.


At December 30, 2005, Blogger lightoftheworld said...

Oh girl you don't have to give me all your money you can use some to help the elderly too! J/K Yes I think that is why God will bless people like you because he knows you will use your wealth and power for the good of others.

At December 30, 2005, Blogger Mamak stall said...

Bu yao zhou... please... :`(

At December 30, 2005, Anonymous Marina~ said...

Jie you know im gonna miss u like crazii! Just read all those comments u left on my site. Funny stuff u crack me up! Oh yeah and u better stay in contact with me while ur in SG or else I might be forced to beat u up! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D You know im only kidding, it would def! be the other way around. well laterz jie! Have a safe flight home! Love ya

At December 31, 2005, Blogger Matt's Place said...

Nice blog site. Have a safe trip to s'pore and you know you can visit us in seattle anytime!

- Matt and Dewi

At January 01, 2006, Anonymous Marina~ said...

U know i could beat u up! Haha (yeah rite i would die first) :P I would def! fly to SG rite now. gd luck on ur jet lag. laterz.

At January 04, 2006, Blogger Mamak stall said...

"Sheeeeeerry... sherry baby, sheeeeeeerry..."
"I can't give you anything but love, baby..."
"No... I don't love you anymore (don't go baby)..."

Yeah these songs were stuck in my head for two days after you left, haha.

At January 04, 2006, Blogger Mamak stall said...

I miss you. :(


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