Friday, July 21, 2006

Political shifts

So this has been an interesting year for us.

Lots of FAM trips, large seminar sales, positive media exposures, awards, Presidential dinners, Royal dinners, a pervet in room 1598, a suspected suicider in 0763, a gay fella hitting on my room service pple in 1481, upcoming National Day Hoo-Haa, IMF in September PLUS Mooncake Festival Craziness, Morgan Stanley in November and the festive season which will carry us until the end of Feb 2007.

At least we have a close to 200 rooms sold out for the Standard Chartered which we are going to treat as a minor dry run to IMF & MS. I dont remember every putting in more than 6 hours of study when i was in college, but here, i am clocking almost close to 20 hrs a day if we are running about 90%. Shoot. My body can no longer remember what my bed feels like. My laptop, however, has been taking a sound beating from working overtime and bearing pummels from my fingers on the keyboards.

At least my parents are away now and it gives me abt 2 mths of peace to work into the still of the night without her calling my cell every 5 - 10 mins after 8pm...or coming into my room to check and see if i am asleep or still working on P&L budgets and proposal plans.

Political shifts also mean more watching out for your own behind and making sure that you are on friendly diplomatic terms with all. Forget to renew your peace treaty with anyone of them and you can be sure that there will be stormy waters ahead. Now, one of the main icon is leaving soon and apparently, i am the 2nd to know, besides the icon. Once he leaves, i become number 2 and the rest of them will be falling over each other to be the next 2.5. Good thing is, my place is secured...all i need is to learn and make sure that my time here is not wasted before i move on.

So anyway, did i mention that the carpet burned again for the 2nd time?? So apparently, i earned 20k for Banqueting that night, but yet what goes into F&B's ledger is only 8K...Crap. 12K gone just because they were careless and HISTORY REPEATED ITSELF!! And to think, right before the fire started, we actually told them to put out the fires before moving them to the stewarding room. it just me or is it getting colder in the room by the minute. Shoot. I hope i am not falling sick again. Fever is NOT FUN. My last fever episode apparently was an on-and-off case that lasted abt 2 weeks. I think the hottest i was is 40 degree C. Yeah, i was whinning and helpless. And my mom sat by my bed and out came a slew of naggings as she sponged me. Now, putting an ICE COLD towel on a HOT SKIN hurts. Very much so. I had tears in my eyes, but she ignored and kept going. Oh well. My temperature dropped after that. Yay.

Ok, it is time for yet another meeting....



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take care of yourself...


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