Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Fight

So my parents think that i am immature for not sharing or telling them about my day's work and they also think that i am in trouble since i have been behaving "weird" the past week.



I mean, hey, i have lived by myself for the past 6 yrs without you guys and then all of a sudden you want me to come home and like start talking? I am so not there yet.

Plus, i am always so tired when i get home. The last thing i really want to do is talk..unless you really need to talk to me, i just want to give my mouth and vocal chords a rest.

And you know what, not everybody shares whatever Tom, Dick or Harry did at their office today with their parents. How weird is that?? Parents dont really listen to crap like that.

Let me come to you when i am confortable. Why dont i talk to you? Because everytime i just want a listening ear, you guys just end up telling me how to do things, what i should do, and so on. I thought you guys wanted me to talk!? I dont want a lecture session. Geez! i got enough of that in college, thank you very much!

And so my dad thinks that if nothing is shared in the house, then why am i living there? Wow. I was so tempted to say that, fine, i would go find an apartment to live. But i sure bit my tounge hard enough to stop those words.

Treat me like an adult. Just because i dont tell you eveything that is going on in my life, doesn't mean that i am not mature, ok? And it MOST SURELY does not mean that i am in trouble.

Let me come to you. When the time is right and i have enough info and facts on my hand, i will come to you. Just let me be. You dont need to spoon-feed me. Let me stand on my own abilities. Let me know what i am capable off. Let me see what i can do by myself. Let me see if i am independent.

Just let it be. For now..


At March 05, 2006, Blogger Eileen said...

Hey ling! Hugs..your unhappiness is heard. I suppose it takes time to transit back to the 'home setting'. I know u love them, n they do too. Stay calm k? Breathe... :)

u know what? We have NOT stopped talking about u here in Tulsa!!! gosh.. everytime we (girl, elaine n me) meet, we'll definitely mention something abt u. Dun worry, not gossip lah.. fun things we miss doing with u. Anyway, wanna let u know that u r greatly missed by all of us. take care!

At March 05, 2006, Blogger 坦克车宝宝 said...

good to know that i am missed...Hope to have a reunion one day.

Hmm..maybe we should plan one.


At March 07, 2006, Blogger Mamak stall said...

I'm sorry abt ur home situation, but I must admit that I know how they feel... not the immature part, but the not talking part. I'm trying to be more understanding...


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