Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Annual Leave

I took a 4.5day AL last week. Not too bad. Went by rather fast...

Fished, Golfed, Swam, Ran, Ate, Bummed, Slept, Cooked, Played, Shopped, Surfed (internet)....

Wished i had taken more days!!

Anyways, it is Singapore's National Day today...Public Holidays. Had a relaxing day with my parents and as the filial child, i gave them a real good back rub and i did the legs and feet too. Mom was touched, dad just slept right through it.

Working tmw and there is 2 more days to my day. Gonna have dinner by the lagoon and then stroll to the jetty to watch the firework festival finale. Should be cool.

Cant wait for next week to come! I've got a uber close bud coming to town!!

Time to hit the bed....Good night everybody..


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